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Rebecca – Shoe Shop, original art

750,00 kr.

Original blyantstegning fra Rebeccas11. albumudgivelse, ”Housewives at Play: Original Recipe”.


Original blyantstegning af Rebecca.

Meget fin stand – fantastiske skraveringer.

Mål: 26 cm x 35 cm.

“Original Recipe” Housewives at Play Collection. The barbecue is flaming HOT, and so are the women of Rebeccaland – grilling their asses and toasting their feet with sensual torture and tears. The recipe calls for lactating breast milk and cookies decorated with pussy-juice and pee, making ’em finger-lickin’ good indeed. This big collection of Rebecca’s features her beautiful housewives out in the open, smack-dab in the middle of suburbia. Damn all those secrets kept behind closed door – this is Rebeccaland. Suburbia without Rebecca would be a very mundane place. All hail Rebecca!