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Peter Snejbjerg – Starman 73 p. 07, original

2.450,00 kr.

Originalside af Peter Snejbjerg fra Starman, DC Comics.


Originalside fra “Starman”.

Forfatter: James Robinson.
Tegner: Peter Snejbjerg.

Fra Starman Vol 2, DC Comics, der udkom 1994-2001.

Peter Snejbjerg tegnede fra nr. 50-80.

Peter Snejbjerg is a Danish comic book artist. He was educated at the Kolding Kunsthåndværkerskole from 1983 to 1987. Some of his major works include the epic science-fiction/fantasy series Hypernauten, the adventure story The Hidden Protocol (Den Skjulte Protokol), the DC Comics title Starman, and various Vertigo titles. Starman (vol. 2) was an ongoing series published by DC Comics from October 1994 to August 2001, starring the superhero Starman (Jack Knight). The series was written by James Robinson with art primarily by Tony Harris from issues #0–45 and Peter Snejbjerg from issues #50–80. All original art is in great condition, uncut and well preserved.