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Patrick Block – Too late for Christmas, watercolor

35.000,00 kr.

Original akvarel af Patrick Block, signeret og indrammet. Recreation of original cover artwork!


Patrick Block: “Too late for Christmas”, original akvarel af Patrick Block, signeret, indrammet.

Recreation af original forsideillustration fra Walt Disney’s Donald Duck Adventures #30, Gladstone 1995.

Mål: 48 cm x 62 cm (rammen), 23 cm x 36 cm (tegningen).


This is a recreation of:
Patrick Block – Walt Disney’s Donald Duck Adventures #30 Hand Colored Cover Original Art (Gladstone, 1995). Witch Hazel makes an out-of-season cover cameo in this charming Christmas scene. Patrick Block’s delightfully designed cover will make a sensational showpiece for any Donald Duck fan. This cover has an image area of 16″ x 25″, and the art is in Excellent condition.