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Gene Colan – Tomb of Dracula, original art

19.000,00 kr.

Enestående origininalside fra Tomb of Dracula nr. 26, Marvel 1974, tegnet af dream team Gene Colan og Tom Palmer.


Dette er en originalside af Gene Colan (penciller) og Tom Palmer (inker) fra Tomb of Dracula, vol. 1 issue 26, udgivet i 1974 af Marvel.

Historien hedder “Where Lurks the Chimera!” og har manuskript af Marv Wolfman.

Siden er i meget fin stand og måler 27 cm x 41 cm.

Det er en absolut topside af Dracula-dream team Colan/Palmer! Med Dracula i to isnende stærke nærbilleder på de sidste to panels. Skal man eje en god Dracula-side fra seriens storhedstid, bliver det næppe meget bedre end denne stemningsfulde side med drama og Londons skygger.

This is an incredible piece of original art by Gene Colan, inked by Tom Palmer, from Tomb of Dracula. It is in fine shape and contains a couple og classic Dracula close ups. Those eyes! The story is titled Where Lurks the Chimera!
Pawnshop owner Joshua Eshcol has found the final components to a mystical statue called the Chimera – a symbolic creature of nightmares. His son David is concerned about what sort of power it might bring. While debating the danger of the statue, they are suddenly gassed by a group of men who have broken in to steal the statue. When the smoke clears, David notices that clutched in his dead father’s hand, is the tail of the Chimera, which had been broken off in the melee.

Meanwhile, in far off India, Taj Nital is putting away his belongings in a rented room when he is visited by an old friend, Ramon. He asks Taj to forgive his wife for the accident that took the use of her legs and his voice and accept the fact that his son is dead. Taj then strikes out at his friend, who allows Taj to strike him as many times as need be, begging him to go to his wife.
While back in London, Dracula is walking the streets when he is stopped by a group of muggers who attempt to rob him. Dracula simply uses his hypnotic powers to make them fight each other to the death….