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Miller and Gibbons – The Life and Times of Martha Washington in the Twenty-First Century (2009)

2.450,00 kr.

Den ultra-sjældne førsteudgave, kun 100 eks eksisterer. Boxset med hardcover i box, nummereret og signeret af både Frank Miller og Dave Gibbons. I plastemballage, NM.


Foto viser en tilsvarende bog. Mit eksemplar er i uåbnet emballage, NM!

A masterpiece nearly twenty years in the making, this archival, oversized, and slipcased hardcover volume contains the complete life story of Martha Washington, the twenty-first century freedom fighter created by comic-book megastars Frank Miller (Sin City, 300) and Dave Gibbons (Watchmen).

Our story begins in the squalid corridors of a maximum-security housing project, where a young girl will rise from the war-torn streets of Chicago to battle injustice in a world insane with corruption. She will be called a hero, a traitor, and nearly everything in between, but all along the way, her courage, her integrity, and her unwavering commitment to that most valuable of rights-liberty-will inspire a movement that will never surrender.

Collecting meticulously remastered versions of every Martha Washington story, and features a comprehensive behind-the-scenes section, a new introduction by Frank Miller and extensive commentary by Dave Gibbons.

The ultra-limited edition features tip-in pencil art by Dave Gibbons that is signed by both creators and numbered to only one hundred copies!