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Carl Barks – Gifts for Shacktown (1991), litografi

4.600,00 kr.

Nummereret og signeret minilitografi af Carl Barks. ”Gifts for Shacktown”, Another Rainbow 1991, nr. 132 af 595 eks. LAVT NUMMER.


Carl Barks: “Gifts for Shacktown”, minilitografi, signeret, nr. 132 af 595, Regular Edition, Another Rainbow 1991.

BEMÆRK at fotos blot er et eksempel – det faktiske nummer er anderledes.

MED ægthedsbevis.

Mål: 28 cm x 34 cm.

Dette populære minilitografi bygger på den måske mest berømte af alle Carl Barks’ julehistorier og er det blot tredje i serien af minilitografier fra Another Rainbow, udsendt i 1991, håndsigneret af Barks.

Silketryk af fineste skuffe.

I perfekt stand.

English presentation:

Carl Barks – “Gifts For Shacktown”, Regular Edition Miniature Lithograph, numbered 132 /595 (Another Rainbow, 1991).

Donald Duck, dressed as Santa Claus, rings a bell signaling good cheer as he rides a toy train. Huey, Dewey, and Louie play Santa’s tiny helpers, and they tote a giant sack full of toys for the unfortunate children of Shacktown. This was the third miniature lithograph issued by Another Rainbow. The print has an image area of 8″ x 10″ and an overall size of 11″ x 13.5″. Carl Barks signed and numbered the lithograph at the lower right, and the print is in Excellent condition. This scene was a recreation of the cover for Four Color 367, January 1952. A numbered, full-color, spiral-bound reprint of the cover story, “A Christmas for Shacktown,” and a numbered Certificate of Authenticity are also included in this lot.