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Carl Barks – Dangerous Discovery (1993), litografi

9.500,00 kr.

Dette store litografi er nr. 20 i Another Rainbows berømte serie. Stort format, signeret af Barks og nr. 132/350 i regular edition.


Carl Barks: “Dangerous Discovery”, signeret og nummereret litografi.

Med ægthedsbevis (COA).

Litografiet er i den velkendte tårnhøje kvalitet, trykt med silketryk på Opalesque papir. Motivet er et af de absolut mest farverige.

Udsendt af Another Rainbow 1993.

Nr. 132/350 i regular edition udgaven.

Personligt signeret af Carl Barks.

Mål: 54,5 cm x 63,5 cm.


Mythology meets fiction: Carl Barks’ inspired 1974 oil rendering, Dangerous Discovery, portrays the Donald Duck clan-including patriarch Uncle Scrooge McDuck and the nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie-in the fabled cave of Ali Baba, astonished at the priceless treasures their torchlights have just revealed, but yet unaware of the menace lurking in deep shadows. The roc – a huge, legendary Arabian bird of prey so powerful it is reputed to be able to carry off elephants to feed its young – is awake, alert and ready to fend off (and perhaps eat) all intruders!

The twentieth release in a series of full-size, signed and numbered lithographs produced by Another Rainbow from paintings by Barks, Dangerous Discovery, is now offered in four U.S. editions printed with eleven (11) brilliant and clear screenless lithography full-plate and touchplate colors by the Black Box of Chicago. The image area is 16″ x 20″ on 21 1/2″ x 25″ Opales­que Keramique, a sturdy and substantial acid-free paper.