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Carl Barks – A Christmas Trimming (1999), 3D-litografi

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MED 3D EFFEKT! Nummereret og signeret litografi af Carl Barks. ”A Christmas Trimming”, Another Rainbow 1999, regular, nr. 368 af 595 eks.


Carl Barks: “A Christmas Trimming”, minilitografi, signeret, nr. 368 af 595, Regular Edition 3D, Another Rainbow 1999.

Mål: 28,5 cm x 34,8 cm.

Bemærk, at dette litografi er trykt med en 3D-effekt i form af en formprægning i papiret.Denne forfinede teknik blev kun benyttet på i alt 2 af alle Barks-litografierne. Der blev desuden brugt en japansk teknik, pearl dust ink, på billedfladen for at skildre faldende sne.Det mest teknisk raffinerede af alle Barks-tryk!

FINE/NM. Perfekt eksemplar.

Bemærk: Nummereringen på billedet kan afvige fra nummeret på det litografi, der udbydes.

Ægthedsbevis medfølger.

English – publishers’ notes: Carl Barks’ fowl miser, Uncle Scrooge McDuck, is the twentieth century’s counterpart to Charles Dickens’ forerunner, Ebenezer Scrooge, and he plays true to his penny-pinching role in a setting of infamous stinginess, A Christmas Trimming. (Painted in 1972, Barks’ original title was, simply, Christmas Composition.) It was the second of only two lithographs — both miniatures — released by Another Rainbow with a three-dimensionally paper-sculpted surface (the first was a full-figure portrait of Uncle Scrooge, Pick and Shovel Laborer). It is the only Barks print, however, to have a sprinkling of pearl-dust ink applied, a Japanese woodblock technique dating back to the 1800’s which enhances the effect of falling snow. The results, undeniably impressive on close inspection, were virtually invisible when published in the catalog. (Unframed lithographs were shipped by the company with a tissue overlay to protect its unique and fragile surface.) Barks historian Barbara Boatner speaks fondly of Christmas Composition in her text in The Fine Art of Walt Disney’s Donald Duck by Carl Barks. “’Tis the season to be … Scrooge. Christmas is a time of giving, and Scrooge figures it may as well be to him. Barks has effectively used the dark snowy night, the pale chill lights of the Duckburg buildings and the inaccessible glow behind the leaded diamond panes to heighten the misery of the shivering ducks, looking here like Shacktown outcasts, who are handing over their last mites of silver for a twig-sized Christmas tree.” Some of the descriptives used by Boatner point out the reasons A Christmas Trimming was chosen as one of the original ten images for an English bone china figurine, as pictured in the book, Carl Barks and the Disney Ducks. In the production of what would have been a very large prototype, however, it was determined that the edition of maybe only fifteen copies was going to have to retail for a hideous amount, possibly $20,000 each, not a risk Another Rainbow decided it wanted to take. Barks did design the entire concept, however, and it would — without doubt — have been spectacular! Boatner’s text continues, noting that “Barks usually preferred to draw the ducks at some happy pastime and in cheerier circumstances, but this scene brings out a part of Scrooge that lies all too near the old miser’s heart. The painting, says Barks, was commissioned by a ‘long-beak enthusiast’ who preferred the earlier Donald ‘with a bill like a shovel’.”