Jensen, Barbara

American Pin Up artist Barbara Jensen was born and raised in Westchester, New York and now resides in Daytona Beach, Florida. She is a highly talented artist, famous for her detailed portraits of girls with little or no clothes. Her original artwork and signed luthographs are in high demand by collectors all over the World.As a youngster, she enjoyed sketching monsters, horses, and Barbie dolls (tellingly, both clothed and unclothed!) Those sketches and doodles eventually grew into a serious interest, and she would often raid local bookstores for instructional tomes on illustration and art techniques. Aside from a few college art classes, Barbara is a self-taught success. By the late 90´s she had progressed from straight-up portrait work into full-on erotic illustrations. A lover of the airbrush style (but admittedly mystified by its actual application), Ms Jensen developed her own unique faux-brush with an imaginative combination of colored pencils, charcoals, pastels, acrylics, and ink. Being a female artist in a fairly male world of pin-up and erotica, Barbara also has a unique style when it comes to rendering her subjects. Effectively taking a man s perspective of what he wants to see, with her own personal sense of how a woman wants to be seen. The melding of the two directions provides a remarkable fully realized piece of artwork. Using both live models and photo reference, that delightful spark she creates is also guaranteed to be exquisitely detailed and rendered. Intimacy plus precision is her hallmark. Ms Jensen s work can be found in art galleries, on book and magazine covers, and even on the labels of some high-end wine bottles! Her greatest love is still doing commissions for clients, fulfilling their wildest fantasies...on canvas that is! This is how she presents herself:"Hi everyone! I am primarily a pinup artist but also do portrait work, illustration, watercolors, comic art, dabble in digital art and I love my job! Along with doing my pinup art I also design hand painted clip art, designer resources, digital stamps and more!"