Urita, Yamazaki

Den japanske manga-tegner Yamazaki Urita er født i 1987 og har tegnet siden hun var 10 år. Hun er mest kendt for serien "Lost and found", som bl.a. kan læses i det danske tegneseriemagasin Comic Party. Skitserne på denne side tegnede hun, da hun besøgte Danmark under J-Popcon i 2012.Yamazaki laver sine skitser med blyant - og arbejder ellers i SAI og photoshop for digitale illustrationer. Hun er fan af Dragon Quest 6 og Precure (Pretty Cure). Nedenstående korte interview (på engelsk) har vi lånt fra J-Popcon's hjemmeside:My work as an illustrator?I work in Japan for a online game and roleplaying game company called TommyWalker. I draw in detail backgrounds and characters. I plan to publish a picture book with an acquaintance I met through the website in 2012.How many years have I been drawing?I have been drawing manga where human characters appear for about 15 years. I do have memory of drawing animal like characters and such when I was small, but I do not remember when I actually started to be able to draw pictures. As it was when I was very small, I do not remember as much, but when I started to draw human characters for the first time, I felt somewhat very embarassed.The tools, programs used for drawing?I draw Lost and Found and other sketches with my beloved mechanical pencil that I have been using for close to 10 years now. For colour, I use COPIC sketch markers for paper illustrations (It is a colour pen/marker from a Japanese company). I have many different colours, about 130. I originally had interest in collecting drawing materials, so I have yet to use them, but I have about 500 coloured pencils as well. For digital illustrations, I use photoshop for the line art, and then a program called SAI to do the colouring.What you would like the readers to know about you?I love Europe to the point where I am thinking about moving there. I am very jealous of everyone, who are able to live in such a beautiful environment.Læs mere her: J-POPCON'S HJEMMESIDE.