Carl Barks - The Makings of a Fish Story, Gold

Carl Barks - The Makings of a Fish Story, Gold

9.800,00 DKK

GOLD PLATE. Printer's Proof 08, indrammet. Fra Another Rainbows berømte serie, signeret af Barks.
Carl Barks: "Makings of a Fish Story", signeret og nummereret litografi, GOLD PLATE Edition Printers Proof PR 08.


Ægthedsbevis (COA) medfølger.

Litografiet er i den velkendte tårnhøje kvalitet, trykt med silketryk på Opalesque papir. Motivet er et af de absolut mest eksotiske og fantasifulde. Der måtte hele 31 farver til for at genskabe dette vidunderlige undervandsmotiv.

Udsendt af Another Rainbow 1988.

Meget lavt nummer: Gold Plate PR 08.

Litografiet er i perfekt stand! Rammen kan have brugstegn.

Personligt signeret af Carl Barks.

Mål: 54,5 cm x 63,5 cm.

Donald Duck and nephews Huey, Dewey and Louie follow their Uncle Scrooge McDuck into the ocean depths in search of treasures guarded by mermaids and other creatures of the deep: their expedition taking them right into the locker of the legendary Davy Jones himself! When Carl Barks was nearly finished with this extraordinary painting he happened upon an aquarium in a restaurant and was fascinated to discover that there were real fish with colors no artist could imagine. He went home and painted the fish over in The Makings of a Fish Story. Barks lives in a fantasy world-as do his fans - but he always has had one foot planted squarely in the real world, and his painting reflects this. . . in his attention to detail and efforts to improve his craft. That he has done so - going into his 88th year - is evident to anyone who can see the enclosed color brochure or who orders his newest lithograph, which was so complicated for The Black Box of Chicago to do that it took them an extra four months to produce and over twice as many color plates (in continuous-tone) as they've ever had to use for a Barks painting before! The Makings of a Fish Story took a staggering 31 colors, as compared to the average Duck print in the past that has taken ten to fourteen!
The Makings of a Fish Story is available in editions of 345 continuous-tone lithographs, 100 Gold Plate prints, five (5) boxed sets of Progressive Proofs, and 100 Tokyo Edition prints (available only in Japan).