Gulacy - Batman splash!

Gulacy - Batman splash!

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Paul Gulacy originalside. Splash-page, "Batman Legends of the Dark Knight" Vol. 122, side 22.
Model/Varenr.: GULACY-BATMAN-22
Original comic art.

Paul Gulacy (pencils) og Randy Emberlin (inker).

Batman: Legends of the Dark Knight 122, page 22.

En helt fantastisk Splash side! Gulacy, når han er bedst.
Batman omringet af fjender - en klassiker!

Mål: 29cm x 44cm.

Here's a full page interior splash featuring Batman and the Lynx surrounded by the bad guys from the story in Batman LOTDK 122 and Shadow of the Bat 90.

Inks by Randy Emberlin - who signed the page too.