Henrik Rehr - 11.september 2001

Henrik Rehr flyttede i midten af 1990'erne til Toronto, Canada, og siden til New York, hvor han var helt tæt på begivenhederne ved Ground Zero, da de to World Trade Center tårne styrtede i grus. Efterfølgende udgav han de to internationalt berømmede og kritikerroste graphic novels om terrorangrebet og dets følger, "Tirsdag" og "Tribeca Sunset". Comicart.dk er stolte af at kunne præsentere et udvalg af sider fra disse nærmest verdenshistoriske udgivelser.Fra Time Magazine's anmeldelse af Henrik Rehrs "Tirsdag":"Hitherto unknown, at least by me, Henrik Rehr seems to have come from nowhere with a natural, realist drawing technique and a clear, seemingly effortless narrative style. Wisely conservative, Rehr knows that the dramas of that day need no enhancements. The advantage of drawing such events seems clear: they are indescribable. It really has to be seen to be believed. But Rehr doesn't just focus on the external, he smartly takes time out for flashbacks and interior monologues, giving variety to the storytelling and visuals. While the ultimate lesson of Henrik Rehr's "Tuesday" may not be new, it remains profound and moving: the importance of community and family."Fra Time Magazines anmeldelse af Henrik Rehrs "Tribeca Sunset": Henrik Rehr's "Tribeca Sunset" (...) sets itself apart as the best work of fiction involving 9/11 I have seen, and also one of the best ensemble comics. An insightful, funny and moving portrait of four friends, "Tribeca Sunset" shows what friends say about each other is one thing, but how they feel is something different."