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Adams, Neal > American Comic Artists > Adams, Neal
Neal Adams (born 6th of June 1941, Governors Island, Manhattan, New York City) will always be remembered as the man, who defined the modern Batman. Neal Adams is one of the most influential and respected American comic books artists ever.

Adams was trained at the School of Industrial Arts. He started his career as a comic artist in 1959 as background artist on Howard Nostrand's strip "Bat Masterson", after which he contributed to the comic "Archie's Joke". In 1962 he was assigned the strip "Ben Casey" for Newspaper Enterprise Syndicate. The strip was based on a very popular TV show about a doctor by that name. Adams was only 20 years old when he took over the strip, but his talent was already quite obvious - and his character drawings in particular made it a pleasure to read the strip. The strip ended in 1966, but rumor has it (here in 2008) that a reprint is under way and we welcome this news.

Neal Adams would go on to work as an assistant on many different strips - "Peter Scratch", "The Heart of Juliet Jones", "Secret Agent Corrigan", and "Rip Kirby". But he only got his big breakthrough when he began working for DC Comics in 1967. Everyone took notice of the talent when he became the regular artist on "Deadman" starting with "Strange Adventures" #206. What dynamics!

The success was followed by the Batman series, first in "The Brave and the Bold", later in the main comic book title. With Dick Giordano as regular inker, Adams made Batman the best superhero comic of them all in the following years.

In April 1970 Adams began collaborating with the scriptwriter Denny O'Neil. Together they created "Green Lantern" #76-89, the incontestable high water mark of that comic. Never before had a superhero comic dared take on social issues, including drugs, with such candor and humanity. treaures the work by Neal Adams and will constantly be looking for great original art or signed prints by Adams.

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1.  Neal Adams - Tarzan (signed print)
Signed print by Neal Adams, Tarzan and great apes, 1978.
SOLD  -  E-mail:

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